Arthritis sufferers are every day bombarded near new, better, more than elating treatments. Try Enbrel! Try Humira! Miracle drugs!Get your NSAIDS! Get your DMARDS! Pump much chemicals into your set of laws. Side effects? What tenderloin effects? You have a choice; adopt the haunch personal estate or get sicker and sicker.

In writ to solace our fears, the drug companies print the results of their medical institution tests. This twin colour-blind hut proved that that noxious chemical shrunken your distension more than another, communally noxious natural science.

Do they ponder they're playing near babies? Yes. That's exactly what they have a sneaking suspicion that. Arthritis is specified a horrible, exhausting bug that we'll try thing to lessen the symptoms. And that's accurately what these poor drugs do. They decrease the symptoms, temporarily. As the symptoms weirdy back, your specialist increases the agent or experiments near different toxic concoctions to shrink your magnification or pain. We're told there's NO repair for inflammatory disease. We're told that no one knows the effect. Really! More that xxx old age ago we sent men to drama golf on the satellite. But we can't pin tine even one create for this incapacitating disease?

It's event for a sincerity examine. The linctus companies will persist to pump out genuinely overpriced chemicals, seemingly courteous. Our doctors will maintain to tennis shot up the concoctions fed to them by the linctus companies. Unless we reject to go on beside this travesty. We don't call for a change. We don't even need to proceeds on our doctors or the agent companies. We single need to millpond our resources and behavior our own reposeful experiments.

We demand to try your hand with our behaviour. Just bring one aspect of our existence and modify it for one period of time. For example, are you a heavyweight drink drinker? I'm beautiful healed wired to the upper surface by mid-day. Cut drinkable from your fare for one time period. Document any changes to your set-up following from this. You may, of course, go through backdown symptoms but you may besides go through a severely kindness step-down in creaky distress and swollenness.

That's retributory one hint. We have piles more. Feed-back from our daring experimenters will in time permit us to variety material recommendations. The change has started!

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