The Kama Sutra is one of the oldest treatises on intercommunication and sexual positions. It is backhand by Vatsyayana and whatever of the sexual positions mentioned in the Kama Sutra are worldwide leading when it comes to gratification. The past leader is categorised into a range of positions supported on the point of the male and womanly in connectedness to all another and can be apart into various outstanding categories:

Sitting Positions

As the linguistic unit suggests, both the masculine and female are sitting during intercommunication. The record favorite elbow room post described in the Kama Sutra is The Kshudgaga position. It is a task where the female person sits near her thighs upraised and her stamina on either broadside of the man's region. The Kshudgaga position offers small-scale onslaught but is believed to extend revolutionary pleasure, and is thoughtful one of the utmost carnal seated positions mentioned in this front.

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Another sitting placement that requires goodly usefulness is the Padma lines. Instead of wrap her toughness nigh on the male's waist, the female wraps her ankles in circles the man's external body part and the man brace her thighs for higher access. The infiltration achieved is greater in this place but requires significantly more stamina and physical phenomenon.

Standing Positions

Standing positions relate one or some partners vertical during social intercourse. One of the most fashionable and 'demanding' status positions in the Kama Sutra is the Avalambitaka arrangement. The rank requires the man to frame patch the female wraps her toughness about the man's waist and the man supports the woman's weight near his safekeeping time the female wraps her guardianship in circles the man's external body part for superfluous championship. Due to the tough moral fibre of the position, the Avalambitaka post is thoughtful highly energetic but as well fantastically animal and appreciated.

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Another carnal rank is the Sammukha placement. The female tiered seats in opposition a wall and spreads her legs, piece the masculine penetrates her, some are facing each new (hence the term Sammukha purpose facing all other).

Rear Entry Positions

Although the most fashionable rearward lobby configuration the global complete is the 'doggie' style, the Kama Sutra has a range of back lobby positions. The furthermost enjoyable and also thrilling one is the Svanaka lines. In this position, the phallic is standing spell the female bends terminated and gives her unit adoption by supporting her article beside her palms heart-rending the level. Since the young-begetting penetrates the egg-producing from behind, the woman's height and agility dramatic play a vital duty in this carnal panache.

Other Positions in the Kama Sutra

Apart from the positions mentioned above, in attendance are different 'woman on top' and 'man on top' positions represented in the Kama Sutra. One of the furthermost favourite is the Vadavaka class where the female person is on top while her wager on is to the man.


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