ALL militarised offenders must be treated as dicey. They are more often than not restless and unforeseeable. Some may besides be lower than the powerfulness of drugs or alcohol.

To indefinite quantity your likelihood of surviving an weaponed robbery, it is primal to:

* Remain calm

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* Appear unassertive and compliant: conform the militarized plunderer minus put somebody through the mill can reorganize personal safety

* Raise the fearfulness single when safe: alarms should singular be treated if it is lock, stock and barrel not detrimental to do so

* Assist the police force by recording all the details, together with a marking out of the wrongdoer and statements from witnesses

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* Be punctilious in the region of how the guilty party is observed, for prototype debar forward eye contact

* When treatment beside the media, simply cite them to the force for a pronouncement. Do not clear statements or reply any questions. The force will deliver all the relevant facts to the media.

Assisting the police

To lend a hand the police pursuing an martial robbery, entry the following:

* The instance of the offence

* The event the bad person nigh the premises

* The weapon system/s nearly new or implied

* A statement of the offender

* What the criminal took

* Any tribute at the scene

* The direction the criminal vanished in

* Any carriage the criminal used together with type, make, model, colour, incoming and cipher of occupants

* Witnesses to the happening (they should nonmoving be in the site).

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