As I surmise of our provision to the Lord, I see us in a mammoth fighting that is active on all all over the planetary. This is the war opposed to GOOD and Evil, saints of God hostile the forces of vile which has a leader, Satan, who is in the lead too galore battles, but as Christians we cognize he cannot win the war. We are going to be on the victorious haunch if we hang around foaled again Christians. What I am seeing today is, we do not have enough warriors, and we call for gobs more. Also I am sighted a lot of the warriors we have are weak, and a lot of the warriors are discouraged, a lot of the warriors are, for what ever reason, burnt out.

A lot of those who nearly new to be real warriors are hurt, whatever angry, a few are confused, whatsoever are on a totter totter, up one day low the next, and quite a few are down. In these concluding days up to that time the upcoming of the Lord once we so extremely need UNITY, and are operational one of the maximum wars in the yore of man, I see our warriors FIGHTING AGAINST ONE ANOTHER. But quite a lot of of the warriors are truly tares, enemies of the cross, holy fanatics, pastoral bigots, Pharisees, publicans, warriors that went the way of Balaam and have been echt made at divisional the warriors and pain the warriors and have vitiated our ranks.

Our leaders, ministers and pastors are in one of the supreme challenges of our Christians lives, to be able to lead our warriors and to bring on them into one faith, one God, and one role and that is to skirmish the combat beside uncontaminated religion and worship of God and to destruct the military unit in our camps or churches. There are individuals warriors on the increase up all done the global that are super warriors and they are individual inured to truly cognize their military force and to stomach and struggle as long-lasting as they live. In the se past days in which we are living, we are active to see copious warriors on the increase up and future to the frontmost lines of the war. We have a lot of old warriors that are in the war and them serving railroad train the adolescent warriors to disagree and to be officers and warriors for the frontmost lines.

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I'm not one bit dispirited give or take a few the tares or the military force in the house our ranks because our tremendous leader, Jesus, says to time off them alone he will give somebody a lift guardianship of them. We need concrete warriors today, ones who are not white-lipped to stomach and brawl the military force surrounded by the ranks and the the tempter and all his warriors on the outside. We are active to win the war and we a short time ago have a miniscule more occurrence to amass up all the soldiers we can find, red and yellow, achromatic and white, tablets addicts, homosexuals prostitutes, men and women who do not have the faculty to fight, they don't even join the certificate of a respectable warrior, but Jesus wants us to brainwave them and let Him liberate and heal them and us to drill them and gross them marvellous warriors.

The battles are going on all over. Whenever you are nowadays there is a severe stipulation for actual warriors and existing fighters. We condition doctors, lawyers, well-heeled and poor, intense and small, boys and girls, men and women, whoever can struggle. I treat with contempt all you out in attendance who have been hurt, losses or discourage, to concede the tares or enemies on the interior and let our terrible leader, Jesus, restrain up your wounds, and get support in the battle, for the war is active to be over and done with formerly you cognise it and you will be on the unbeaten tenderloin.

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